Make Smart Business Decisions Faster

Dealing with more and more information makes it continuously harder to find the answers to your business questions. Aphinit helps you organize the knowledge in your organization.

Focused on Business Needs

The flexible model of Aphinit supports plenty of use cases. You can start small with one use case and extend easily on the go. 

Configuration of the system is super simple, anyone can configure an Aphinit model, anyone can use Aphinit within half a day. You don’t need any technical knowledge and skills.

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Visually Appealing

Visual tracking and monitoring of links and relations between objects (‘Lineage’) makes it super easy to see how things work together.

Clear visual styles make it intuitive to navigate and understand the system.

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Helps you to find information faster

The Intelligent Context Engine of Aphinit can automatically work with other systems in your company and help them provide more meaningful answers. Aphinit offers rich API’s to read from and write to other systems. 

The smart algorithm of Aphinit´s Intelligent Context Engine helps you find what you are looking for, even without a complete dataset.

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