Unlock AI Expertise, Secure Your Digital Fortress

Discover a safer, Smarter business future powered by AI and quality knowledge management!  

We are introducing you to our Blueprint with three pillars that will shape the way you do business. First, implement AI that is auditable and learns from verified sources. Second, ensure your security automation aligns with any internal or external regulations (GDPR and NIS2). Finally, prioritize quality knowledge management and data governance. In this way, the oftentimes dreaded AI becomes a valuable employee to your company.  

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Three Main Pillars

  • Knowledge Management

    Aphinit is a powerful knowledge management tool that blends a contemporary and user-friendly interface with semantic web capabilities and sophisticated analytics. This flexible tool enables users to store, organize, and manage descriptions of complex data sets, as well as to extract insights from the company's digital library. Aphinit's advanced features, such as data lineage, make it an ideal solution for businesses and organizations seeking to improve their knowledge management and decision-making capabilities. 

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    AI Gateway

    Aphinit AI gateway serves as a middle layer between AI and your existing company knowledge. It provides an environment for you to create the second brain of your company. AI will be available for your employees in a secure, auditable and controlled way. It is crucial to have a solid knowledge base for your AI to learn from.  

    We can help you with:

    • Auditing and contextualizing the knowledge your company already has
    • Enabling you company to use Large Language Models (chatbot) in enterprise-ready quality in production
    • Routing between local and cloud LLM based on knowledge attributes (e.g. sensitivity)
    • Consultation and support services
  • Security Automation

    As cybersecurity continues to gain importance, it's crucial to integrate tools that automate tasks related to data and security and management. Ideally, you should also consider tools that help your company comply with GDPR, NIS2 and other regulations.  

    Enter Aphinit – the perfect solution for all your needs. Aphinit, together with the professional services of Bits4s, helps you analyze and report on data, identify vulnerabilities, and implement security compliance. Moreover, with the BPMN modeler, you can automate many of the processes, ensuring that your company works securely and efficiently.