Aphinit Use Cases

No matter what you need, Aphinit enables you to model your information exactly in accordance with your use cases. Besides, Aphinit brings different use cases into one tool. How specifically can Aphinit be used? See the list of use cases.

  • GDPR Privacy administration

    Implement a Privacy Administration for GDPR compliance with the Aphinit Framework to keep track of and manage your classified personal data 

  • Reporting portal

    Keep an overview of reports and analytic outputs in all your BI platforms to prevent building new reports that already exist in your organization. 

  • Data Quality framework/portal

    Implement your Data Quality Strategy, measure it via Data Quality rules and share the acquired knowledge to grow your Data Maturity. 

  • Training and Education

    Reduce the effort of training newcomers by documenting processes, roles and other key information in the full context of your company. 

  • Knowledge base

    Manage the knowledge in your company, so that it is easy to find the information you need in the right context. 

  • Security Playbook

    Manage your security from one place. Manage Legislation, SLA´s, threat categorization, scenarios, Identity security plans, firewalls...

  • Regulatory Insight / Compliance

    Search for keywords in laws, cases and other documents and see results in their full context e.g. all cases where searched paragraph was applied. 

  • Context Base

    Feed your chatbots with information relevant for given context, so they can reply with more relevant, humanlike answers. 

  • Procedures and Policies Library

    Orient yourselves in all the procedures and internal guidelines of your company. With aphinit it is easy to create them, organize them and interlink them.  

  • Office Management

    Create a complex and structured manual to your Office and Business Administration. Each new member of your team learns quickly what to do. 

  • HR Management

    Keep track of your personnel, contractors or potential candidates while making sure the personal information stays protected.  

What's your use case?

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